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We strive for balance in our lives and once you’ve been diagnosed your life changes. We can help you find a roadmap to move forward.

OLGA – What is my background and professional experience ?

I was fascinated by the life sciences in university (H.BSc. Biochemistry Western University), went on to study organic chemistry (MSc. University of Waterloo)  and finished my academic career by studying how drugs and other molecules interact with the human body and researched different animal models useful in cardiac transplantation and open heart surgery (doctoral level pharmacology University of Alberta). I then spent the next 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry conducting clinical research on a global scale in a very wide range therapeutic areas:  Alzheimer’s disease, various cancers, dermatology, diabetes, kidney transplant, liver transplant, multiple sclerosis, paediatric MRI imaging agents, rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia.  In addition to learning about various illnesses and their standard of care, this work permitted me to have an inside view of governmental regulatory agencies & their drug approval process, clinical trial design, data collection & analysis, ethics committee review process, informed consent form requirements, research budgets and contracts, hospital infrastructure as well as interact with healthcare staff and specialists from small clinics to large teaching hospitals.

Life circumstances then directed me to pursue a parallel path studying various alternative and complementary approaches to health and well-being.  I travelled to many countries to study with masters and experts continuing to expand my knowledge and perceptions of wellness and healing. These studies included TCM, qigong, yoga, Bach flower essences, EFT, NLP, essential oils, meditation, energy medicine, naturopathy, functional medicine, ayurveda, nutrition, metabolic approach to cancer.

Why do I do this ? 

I have dedicated my life to asking questions as a scientist and then later as a family member and friend when much of my entourage became diagnosed with serious medical conditions.  My friends & family requested my assistance ranging from asking questions on their behalf  during medical appointments to explaining mechanisms of action of treatments and latest drug trials.  This was a very straightforward application of my years of education, research and professional work experience.

The fear, helplessness as well as their quest for answers beyond the physical or tangible that I observed,   led me on a journey through different approaches to healing beyond the body, delving into the mind and spirit which can be a determining factors in wholeness.

There is no one single approach for everyone.  Individuals require individual approaches.

Who am I?

  • I am scientist who is not blinded by science.
  • I am an explorer of the human condition open to new ideas, tempered with discernment and a       questioning mind. 
  • I am here to provide you scientific information with integrity, support you with compassion, assist you in discovering possibilities and guide you on your journey to wholeness with grace and authenticity.

Please click on my curriculum vitae for more detailed information about my training and experience